This page is intended to give you a quick reference to new items posted on the site. Each time the webmaster posts any new item, the date of the post and the suggested link to the item will be printed here.


09/17/06 Posted Claude Bates as Lion of the Week, for Week 5. Click Lion of Week.

10/2/06 Posted additions to the Vision Screening Schedule under Eye Sceening

08/29/06 Posted Dr.Rebecca Sharber as next week's speaker. Added Charlie Grimes back to membership list.
Click on "Meetings" to see scheduled speakers. Click on "Members" for membership lists.
Click on "Email addresses" to get Charlie's personal email.

08/28/06 made corrections to "members' page. Click "Members" in menu to left.

08/27/06 posted lion of week for wk of 08/27.

08/20/06 posted lion of week for wk of 08/20

08/18/06 Added Guest Book ikon to the index page and revised page. You get this page when you log on.

08/18/06 Added new member, Gary Rochacher, to membership list. Click "members". See Member 35

08/15/06 Updated Meeting and Speakers Schedules, adding 3 future speakers. Click on "Meetings" to left

08/13/06 Posted the first Lion of the Week. Click on Lion of the week in menu to left

08/07/06 Posted minutes of meeting of August 1, 2006 Click Meeting minutes to left.

07/31/06 Added "FranklinIs" as a link of interest. Click "links of interest" in Menu to left

07/31/06 Changed index page. moved link to Franklin on the Fourth photos to "gallery" page.

07/31/06 updated minutes. See "Meeting minutes" in left panel.

07/27/06 updated membership lists. Click on "Members"

07/27/06 updated meeting schedules. Click on "Meeting schedules"

07/27/06 Entered all email addresses into google site Updated email addresses

07/06/06 The Webmaster is on vacation. Sorry. Be back on July 13.
Loaded photos taken on July 4th. ( I will label these when I return.)
I need photos of the entertainment events and fireworks. Who has some????

06/19/06 Posted minutes of meeting of June 13, 2006 Click Meeting minutes to left.

06-13-06 Set up Photo Gallery Page. Click on Photo gallery near bottom of left panel.

06-13-06 Set up this site news page. You can get to this page from any other page by clicking on Site news to left.

06-13-06 Set up page for minutes of the meetings. These will begin for the year 2006-2007. The last minutes taken will be posted first for convenience in reading the latest minutes. Click Meeting minutes to left